Join the hybrid (r)evolution of TV.

TV is not linear anymore. We started with our broadcast platform in 2001 and have since experienced how linear TV is becoming addressable TV and  online video is becoming lately, maybe surprisingly, more linear than ever. The evolution is picking up speed and you can rely on our help to understand it and to work together for better video experiences.

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Video experience is hybrid, it is broadcast, it is mobile, it is web, it is SmartTV, it forces broadcasters and TV operators to rethink their offering to compete with the new OTT providers like Netflix by combining addressable TV and online video.

We built our first hybrid TV experiences in 2001 and been part of the evolution ever since.  We are an industry pioneer with online video cloud that ticks all the boxes.

Icareus Suite Online Video Platform

The 100% SLA – running a broadcast network is a complex task

Icareus Playout has been in production for over 10 years to make at least one task a bit easier,  the management of PSI/SI, EPG, HbbTV and DSM-CC Data carousels among others. The modular platform grows with your business requirements and our high-quality service and support guarantees broadcast grade 100% uptime.

Addressable TV and Online Video go hand-in-hand

Icareus addressable TV is setting the new standard for linear TV advertising by creating a completely new inventory for advertisers use. It offers an publisher side platform to address the personalisation and programmatic paradigms in TV advertising and opens new revenue streams for broadcasters via online video and display advertising.

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Audience Measurement from 2 million+ Turkish TVs and HbbTV services for four channels with the effort of one

Audience Measurement from 2 million+ Turkish TVs and HbbTV services for four channels with the effort of one

Helsinki, 23.5.2018 Icareus has delivered a turnkey HbbTV solution to ATV, the leading commercial broadcaster in Turkey. ATV wanted to offer more to their viewers and to understand better how their channels are watched, so they turned to Icareus…
Mediaset rolls out their HbbTV services with Icareus

Mediaset rolls out their HbbTV services with Icareus

Helsinki, 23.5.2018, Mediaset, the leading commercial broadcaster in Italy, launched their hybrid, broadcast and broadband services (HbbTV) services in 2017 with the help of Icareus. Icareus delivered new HbbTV Carousel solutions to Mediaset,…

Icareus EPG Platform to Phuong Nam Company in Vietnam

Helsinki, 23.5.2018,Phuong Nam Television Company, has selected Icareus Playout EPG platform to manage and distribute their Electronic Program Guide information in all of their cable networks. The delivery includes a turn-key solution to enhance…

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