Icareus Audience Measurement for HbbTV and other devices

Icareus Audience Measurement™ solution provide tools for TV Operator, Broadcaster or other service providers like ad to collect information about the audience watching or using the TV service. The information can be collected from any application or devices connected to the service including HbbTV devices, set-top boxes, other SmartTVs, tablets, mobile phones and wed services.


of the Measurement Data

Icareus Audience Measurement data can be used in many different ways including for:

  • Segmentation: Age groups, Gender, Geographical Area aetc.
  • Profiling: Knowledge about TV service consumption, Continuous Measurement Systems and Long term behaviour analysis
  • Analytics and Reporting: answering to question “Who is watching and when?”


of Icareus Audience Measurement

Icareus Audience Measurement is a complete platform to collect user data and monitor user experience of the TV service viewer from both Broadcast and Broadband environments.

  • The cloud based solution provides easy service launch and maintenance
  • Integrates with broadcaster and operators platforms through Open APIs
  • Supports all different TV platforms
  • Possibility to utilize user databases for more accurate profiles
  • Provides customizable reporting opportunities

Utilizing the Big Data

to increase revenues

Icareus Audience Measurement solution collects the data from many different sources and different consumptions.

  • Linear Channel Viewership: Tracking the most popular channels based on device types, devices, channels, regions, events, time etc.
  • On-demand views: Popularity of on-demand assets based on devices, assets, regions, time . impressions, plays etc
  • Events: Understanding the user patters better based on events, which are sent from the application to describe how it is used and what buttons are pressed
  • iTV Applications: Interactive applications are part of modern broadcast TV. Icareus Audience Monitoring follows and tracks also the usage of Interactive services.
  • Ads: Monetizing the TV content and viewing can be done many dfferent ways, including Ads, which can be broadcast video, IP-video or display ads. Audience Monitoring solution can track and report all of them.

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