Icareus Suite Online Video and TV Platform (OVTP) was introduced to take the next step from broadcast to Hybrid TV (HbbTV) and furthermore to online video services. It is a complete cloud service to manage assets, channels, subscribers in both subscription and transactional business models.

Icareus Suite cloud provides a high quality, scalable and robust cloud service even for global need.

Icareus Suite provides an API for 3rd party developers. With the web services API, which is also used with Icareus own client apps, the developer can access all the data, information and interactivity from the Icareus Suite server to build own TV applications. This means that Icareus’ customers’ are not locked only to Icareus applications, but they can also develop the apps by themselves or ask 3rd party companies to do that.

Video Archive

Easily manage and edit all you videos in one view

Live streaming

TV like experience using channels to manage live streaming


Use built-in cloud transcoding to optimise your content for all platforms


Fully customisable on-demand and live video players


Analyse your video consumption and get better traction for your content


Organise webinars to reach maximum live audience and provide better service with automatic recording of your event

Adaptive Streaming

Delivering optimal quality for each device and bandwidth ensures your viewers a better user experience

Video Editor

The web based editor enable you to quickly fine-tune your videos regardless of location

Program Guides

Manage your enhanced electronic program data, for every channel and platform in single place


Create and run linear channels with the playlist feature


Use our service manager to manage OTT services based on subscription and transactional models


Our ready-to-go video portal templates enable you to launch even premium services in weeks instead of months

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