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My name is Mikko Karppinen and I am co-founder of Icareus, thus been involved in every step of our history.

I have an overall responsibility of Icareus technology products, which comes with a sales budget. My background comes from the .com -boom, which I had an opportunity to witness, just while studying at the Helsinki University of Technology and working in software companies in late 90s.

The idea of this blog is mainly to share the market intel, thoughts and questions which I come across. The ten years in the business have shown me more than I ever expected when I founded Icareus, and I hope I can share some of my experiences with you.

Feel free to call or email me:

Will Connected TVs be the hit product for the Christmas?
This is just short note on the Christmas sales as I've been getting more than one "what do you recommend for a new TV?" -questions from my friends. As if I would be an expert. However,
Positive flow from IBC
hbbtv ibc2011 ott carousel epg
A bit of time has passed, but as many us working in this industry IBC2011 blocked my calendar for a month or so. Top 3 feedback we got in IBC OTT is here, pretty much everyone I met mentioned
Connected TVs will be the catalyst for apps
apps connected tv
As the summer is pretty much over in Finland, for me at least, it is time to look at what happened in the summer and will in the autumn. There were few interesting news bits that took my attention:
Products for better TV experience
tv experience veg2.0 lean-back tv
Products for better TV experience It seems that I am not the only one believing in change in TV experience. Have a look at Anthony Rose 's interview from v-net.tv for example. I like the bold