The Better EPG for Broadcasters and Operators - Icareus Enhanced EPG


EPG is the window to TV. It is used on daily bases by most of the TV viewers and the dominant EPG application provider is currently the set-top box vendor. For most of the it is merely a mandatory application and many time neglected. For operators and broadcasters this open an window of opportunity to offer an enhanced EPG application.

As technologies evolve and standards like HbbTV arise in Europe even broadasters can start offering their branded EPG application to their viewers. There are many advantages in this as the viewers can be steered to the selected channels, premium content and video-on-demand clips, all which can be billed!


Icareus has been an EPG server and applications provider for many years and finally we feel that the market is mature for a integrated solution. Our solution includes both head-end EPG server and an EPG application for set-top boxes and connected TVs, with many additional features.

The EPG application can be integrated with catch-up TV service to offer seamless access to yesterday's programs. The social media  features enable viewers to promote your channels and programs on their Facebook and Twitter pages with single click.

To hear more about the intrieging features of Icareus Enhanced EPG solution, please contact us.